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Arguing Won’t Help

While local parliamentarians arguing the date of recycling facilities launch, enormous amounts of fish die in local waters.

The other day, in the session of the Committee of the Economic Policy of Legislative Assembly of Primorsky Krai, the Director of PrimVodoCanal Anton Osiyuk presented a report on treatment facilities construction in Vladivostok. The new authorities of PrimVodoCanal believe, that by April 1, 2017, they will have completed the project.

According to the report, the most complicated task of combining all sewers into a single system is still ahead. It will take 17 punctures under the railroad groundwork to complete the construction. The problem is that previous contractor developed sewerage system with no account taken of technological requirements; for instance, a drainpipe under the tram railroads on Borisenko Street is done so poorly, that it constantly demands repair works.

“For several years, I have been disappointed with the work of the company, and today, I do not believe it will have accomplished the project by April, 2017”, Peter Zhuravlev, a deputy and a former director of PrimVodoCanal said.

Meanwhile, treatment facilities may affect the environment. Recently, huge piles of dead fish were found on the seashores of Novik bay. Even seagulls were squeamish about it. Still, there are no explanations of the accident. Some people explain it with common behavior of the anchovy; another believe that it is a result of fish poisoning with water washing from the local treatment facilities.

The video is available here: newsbox24.tv/novosti/proishestviya/na-ostrove-russkom-zafiksirovana-massovaya-gibel-ryby-video/.

First complains began in 2012, right before the APEC Russia. Experts outlined the differences of actual facilities and initial constructing plans; students living on campus of the Far Eastern Federal University complained of poor quality of the tap water – it was of unnatural red color. This water was later sewed into Novik bay. After all, all these factors might result in the mass poisoning of fish.

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