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It Takes 50 Million Dollars to Recover the Population of Tigers in Cambodia

Cambodian ecologists suggested the plan to recover population of tigers within the state. Today, the specie is considered to be extinct.

Ecologists admitted the fact that Indo-China tiger has been exterminated, and there are no reproductive populations of the animal in the country. Last time, the animal was detected in 2007. The reason of its extinction is poaching in Cambodia’s forests. Illegal hunting has destroyed tigers and some other species representing their food reserve.

However, ecologists developed a plan to restore the population of tigers in Mondolkiri national forest in Eastern Cambodia, and the government has already approved it. Within the national forest, a special territory is to be established to protect tigers and their prey from the poachers.

“To begin with, we will settle two he-males and six she-males there”, Keo Omaliss, the Director of the Department of Animal Protection and Preservation of Biological Diversity of the State Forestry Ministry, said. He also added that it was a very ambitious plan.

It will take from 20 to 50 million dollars to make the idea come true. Mr. Omaliss said that Cambodia had started negotiations with India, Thailand, and Malaysia to provide several animals for further reproduction in Cambodia. Ecologists actively supported the governmental plan.

Indo-China tiger is a sub specie of a tiger with a habitat in Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. The size of the animal is a bit smaller than that of Bengali and Amur tigers.

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