3 июня 2016 якутия

Forest Fires in Yakutia are not to be Eliminated

Authorities of Yakutia defined 219 million hectares of forest as “remoted and not accessible areas”. According to the Ministry of Nature Protection, forest fires of these areas are not to be eliminated, as fire does not represent a thread for local people and fire expenses overrise suggested damage.

Deputy Director of the Department of Forestry of Yakutia Jhulustan Hok said, that “the same measures have already been applied to the fires in the region, as financial and human resources were always limited. Elimination of all forest fires in the Republic will cost milliards of rubles”.

What are the consequences? “First of all, major part of Yakutia’s forests will rather burn out than grow up again. Secondly, fires will spread uncontrollable and affect infrastructure and local settlements”, Alexei Yaroshenko, the head of local Greenpeace Department of Forestry said.

According to Greenpeace, in 2016, the difference between factual financing and the necessary financing of fire preventive measures is up to 100 billion rubles.

Today, Greenpeace calls people to sign the petition to Vladimir V. Putin.

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