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A Deer and a Fur Seal Found Dead on Russky Island

Citizens of Vladivostok found dead dappled deer on the seashore of Russky Island. A witness says she was walking along Akhlestishev code when suddenly came across the dead animal.

“We were walking along the shore and I saw that dead animal on the beach. It was hard to recognize it right away because of specific color of its fur. I had no idea of what to do with our poor discovery”, Aleksandra, a witness, said.

Officials of the Department of Hunting Sector of Primorsky Krai said that they have never received any official information about the accident.

According to the Deputy Director of the Department Alexei Surovy, a deer was probably about a year and a half of age.

“On this picture, it looks like its age is about a year and a half. Unfortunately, animals often drown in the sea when trying to escape from predators. Normally, they run in water and swim 20 kilometers away from the shore. This deer must have been drown”, Alexei said.

Another accident happened on that very seashore, when a dead fur seal was found there.

Source: Vladivostok News, Vl.ru

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