27 мая 2016 ирбис

Snow Leopard She-male Ate its Cubs Because of the Poachers

Snow leopard named Vita and two its cubs fell victims of poachers in Altai Republic. “Cubs were six months old. Terrible accident happened when cubs got into poacher’s trap prepared to the musk deer. The mother tried to set them free, but it failed and ate its cubs. After that, snow leopard entrapped itself into the same snare and died”, Sergey Spitsin, an expert of Altai national forest, said.

According to his words, Vita has become the first animal to be pictured by photo traps in Argut Valley. Workers of Altai national park keep removing traps prepared by poachers, but sometimes it is hard to detect all of them in time.

Vita was firstly pictured in the Argut Valley in 2012. Snow leopard got its name after Victor Samoylov, who tragically died on monitoring snow leopards of Altai.

Snow leopard listed in the Red List of rare species; an animal is regarded as extinctive in 12 countries of its habitat. Apart from Altai, snow leopard habits Krasnoyarsky region, Khakassia, and Tuva of Russia.

Source: RIA News

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