Save taiga

Being a Russian national organization, WWF-Russia is working to get Russian people and businesses actively involved in environmental activities. It is important for us that the share of Russian donors is increasing from year to year. Today, WWF has more than 17 thousands of individual supporters in Russia. More than 60 companies, including corporate foundations, support the work of WWF Russia.

Our goals include establishment of protected natural areas (nature reserves and national parks) in the core ecoregions, ensuring the conservation of biological diversity; promoting responsible management of mining and low-carbon development of the Russian economy; encouraging performance of obligations by the Russian Federation on major international agreements in the field of environmental protection and natural resource management.

WWF set apart 230 special ecoregions around the world – places with the highest concentration of various landscapes, rare animals and plants. By protecting these regions and maintaining the ecological balance in them, it is possible to save 95% of the natural wealth of the planet.